Home Schooling

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania permits parents to educate their children at home. Students who reside in the QCSD school district and wish to homeschool must be in compliance with Act 169 of 1988.

Consistent with the law, the district's Board of School Directors has adopted policies and regulations concerning homeschooling, both of which can be accessed in this text.

Elementary Homeschool Affidavit | HS_Secondary_Affidavit

Eligible parents submit a notarized affidavit and educational objectives prior to homeschooling, maintain a portfolio of student work during the school year, and submit an evaluation at year's end.

Please note that the elementary affidavit is used for students in grades K-6. The secondary affidavit is used for students in grades 7-12. Multiple students in the same family may be listed on one affidavit. Samples of both affidavits are accessible in this text.

Standardized testing is required in grades 3, 5, and 8.

Students with disabilities may be homeschooled; however, special requirements and rights apply.

Immunization and other health requirements are the same for homeschooled students and students attending school.

The district does not award a diploma to a student educated at home unless the student attends Quakertown Senior High School for two of the four high school years, including the senior year.

Mrs. Carolyn Staffieri Director of Student Services, is the superintendent's designee on home schooling matters.

Learn more about Home Schooling from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

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