Administrative Regulations


1. The parent/guardian must submit a notarized affidavit to the Home Schooling Coordinator prior to beginning Home Schooling and on August 1 annually in subsequent years.


The parent/guardian must maintain a portfolio of records and materials, including:

1. A contemporaneous log of instructional activity which identified, by title, reading and textbook materials used by the home educator.

2. Samples of the student's writings, work sheets, workbooks or creative materials.

3. The results of a standardized or state-wide achievement test for each student in grades three, five and eight. The Home School Coordinator will, upon request, provide the parent/guardian with a list of tests approved by the Department of Education. The test may not be administered by the parent/guardian.


The parent/guardian must choose one of the following to review the portfolio, interview the child, and submit a written evaluation at the conclusion of each public school year to the Home School Coordinator for Student Services/Elementary Education:

1. A licensed clinical or school psychologist.

2. A teacher certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who possesses appropriate experience in evaluating student performance.

3. A nonpublic school teacher or administrator with at least two (2) years experience within the past ten (10) years in a Pennsylvania public or nonpublic school who possesses appropriate experience in evaluating student performance.

Evaluation reports are due in the office of the Superintendent by June 30.

The written evaluation must certify that "an appropriate education is occurring" and be submitted with the portfolio to the Home School Coordinator. At any time that the Superintendent has a reasonable belief that appropriate education may not be occurring in the home education program, the Home School Coordinator may exercise options specified by Act 169 that are intended to remedy deficiencies in the home education program.


If requested by the parent/guardian, the Quakertown Community School District shall lend planned courses, textbooks and workbooks appropriate to the student's age and grade level. These materials do not include teachers' editions, audiovisual aids or teacher-prepared materials.


The home education program for a student with a disability must address the specific needs of the exceptional student and be approved annually.

1. The parent/guardian must obtain program approval by a licensed clinical or certified school psychologist, or the approval of a special education teacher with a valid certificate from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

2. Written notice of such approval must be submitted annually with the notarized affidavit.

3. The parent/guardian may request the Quakertown Community School District or the Bucks County Intermediate Unit to provide services that address the specific needs of the exceptional student. However, these services must be provided in the public schools.


1. Home schooled students may participate in the district's athletics, publications, and organizations consistent with Act 67 (2005).

2. Home schooled students are not eligible for a district diploma unless they are enrolled for at least two (2) of their final four (4) years, including the final year.

3. Home schooled students wishing to return to public school are encouraged to do so only at the beginning of a semester and must present an evaluation report of their home education progress.

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