Instructional Coaching Lab


The Instructional Coaching Lab is another job-embedded, team-based Instructional Coaching learning opportunity for teachers and their grade level or subject partners. The framework for the Instructional Coaching Lab is the same Before-During-After (BDA) Cycle found in other QCSD Instructional Coaching supports. To understand the BDA cycle it is strongly recommended that at least one member of the teaching team completes a Personalized Instructional Coaching experience prior to beginning an Instructional Coaching Lab with a team of teachers.

A team of Instructional Coaches and, if requested by the teachers, content specialists meet with the teachers in a before meeting to discuss the lesson at hand, and different approaches to its instruction and modeling (as well talking planning ideas for guided practice and assessment if requested). Once a plan is in place, one of the teachers decides to do the teaching in class with students.

During this instruction the students, other teachers, and Instructional Coaches observe the teaching as well as listening in on student discussion as it is happening during the lesson. This can include sitting in on small student groups as well as sitting on the rug with students in elementary classrooms. At any moment any teacher or Instructional Coach can stop the action for on-demand learning in the Lab asking the presenting teacher to try a different technique to gauge student understanding. For example, "I wonder what would happen if we tried the other approach we discussed for example three? Can we try that?" As teachers and Instructional Coaches listen in to student discussion and document any notable shifts in student learning between multiple teaching techniques.

Discussion in the after meeting is where results from the experience collected by Instructional Coaches and teachers alike are shared with each other to help inform other teachers how to continue with the same instruction using the data from this shared Instructional Coaching experience.

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