Quality Lesson Review Instructional Coaching


The Quality Lesson Review is a form of teacher support facilitated by the Instructional Coaching team for teachers seeking support and feedback on multiple areas of a lesson's instruction, learning activities and assessment. Like all Instructional Coaching supports, the Quality Lesson Review integrates the BDA Cycle and the initial support meeting is initiated by the teacher. The Quality Lesson Review process involves a single teacher, multiple instructional coaches to observe the different areas of the lesson, and if requested by the teacher a content specialist. The Quality Lesson Review can serve teachers by providing a diagnostic of several areas of teaching practice.

When a teacher doesn't know quite where to begin their Instructional Coaching support, the Instructional Coach might recommend a Quality Lesson Review process in the before meeting. In this meeting the teacher and Instructional Coach can work together to decide on several focus areas to observe while the lesson is taught. The Instructional Coach returns to the team to coordinate schedules and assign the target areas for which each coach will collect data.

During lesson the Instructional Coaches observe their focus areas interacting with students when needed to ask for understanding. All observational data is noted by each Instructional Coach to be shared in discussion.

Prior to the after meeting the Instructional Coaches meet together without the teacher to share and compare their observational data. Together the Instructional Coaches look for patterns and connections that could be directly or indirectly impacting the lesson instruction. The results are aggregated for sharing with the teacher.

After the lesson is taught and Instructional Coaching discussion meeting concludes the observations and connections are shared with the teacher. This reflective practice helps the teacher recall the elements of the lesson, the instructional decisions made at the time, and the impact on student learning that the Instructional Coaches gathered when talking to students individually.

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