Student Bus Boarding Pass

Student Bus Boarding Pass

A new district approved transportation policy/procedure has been put in place to help improve accountability for students. As you may be aware, drivers are required to follow strict protocol when it comes to students assigned to ride their busses and unauthorized passengers are not permitted.
We understand that from time to time though, circumstances may arise when a student needs to ride to/from home on a bus other than the one they have been assigned, for example, for after school play dates, parents out of town, family emergency, etc. Attached is a form that permits a student to do that. The form serves as an accountability measure for students to help ensure their safety. The procedure is outlined on the form. Note that this applies only to existing bus runs with existing stops and each form is a one-time use only.

The procedure should work as follows:
1. Parent fills the form completely.
2. Form is sent to school with their child ahead of time.
3. School contacts Levy to ensure space on the bus the student needs to ride.
4. Once approved, principal or designated school administrator signs form (a copy should be retained by
the school office).
5. Authorized form is given back to the student.
6. Student hands form to the driver of the bus he/she wishes to ride that day.

Levy Bus Terminal Manager Len Pawlowski also noted the form can be used for other special circumstances, such as for when a student goes to a babysitter/daycare less than five days per week. Parents may fill it out once and make copies, but the form would still need to be signed and dated each time by the parent and school principal or administrator.

A copy of the form is now available on the Levy website ( It is also available in PDF form below. bus boarding pass _2 per page_.pdf

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