Yellow Alerts, Snow Days and Virtual Learning

With the winter season here, school absences often grow as temperatures drop. In preparation for the possibility that we may not have enough staff to safely open a school building for students on a particular day, we have reached an agreement with the Quakertown Community Education Association to provide virtual instruction on what we refer to as “Yellow Alert” days.

A Yellow Alert “warning” message will be sent to families of a particular school if there is a significant potential of not having enough staff to safely open the building for students the next day. Please note that the notification/closure will apply only to the building whose principal sent the message and that all other buildings will operate normally (unless a separate notice is sent by another school’s principal). Think of the Yellow Alert as a winter storm warning or another weather alert to be prepared for possible closure.

In the morning, principals will re-evaluate the staffing situation and send a second message to either confirm school is open as normal OR that the school will utilize a virtual learning day for that day.

Our principals work together well and strategize to find ways to keep buildings open. Please understand a Yellow Alert and a day of virtual learning is intended as a last-resort option, and it’s the hope that it is not necessary to call one for the entire school year. But if we do, we want to be prepared.

Please also note that a virtual learning day may also be utilized district-wide on an inclement weather day instead of closing schools and making up the day at the end of the year.

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