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Please use the information on this page to help you learn more about using Canvas at QCSD.
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For a quick explanation and directions to create your Parent Observer account, click here.

What is Canvas?

How do I log in to Canvas?

Where do I log in to Canvas?

How do families get a Canvas account?

For All Canvas Users

Additional Canvas Features

What is Canvas

Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) whose strength lies in its ability

  • to link students to online resources from one centralized place
  • to collect student work submitted online
  • to automatically grade quizzes for instant student feedback
  • to allow the teacher grading access for other work
  • to bring even more teaching and learning transparency to our families
  • to facilitate online discussion between students and teachers in a private, learning neighborhood
  • to send communication automatically to students and families according to what students and families decide what and when and how they want to be notified putting the control in the user's hands.

Canvas does not replace PowerSchool. PowerSchool is still the end-all, be-all grade-reporting student information system for QCSD. Canvas can be used for the following additional features about student submissions:

  • viewing the quantity of student work submitted to Canvas
  • viewing the quality of student work submitted to Canvas
  • viewing the actual student work submitted to Canvas
  • viewing the timeliness of the student work submitted to Canvas
  • viewing the timeliness of the teacher's grading of the student work submitted to Canvas
  • viewing the teacher's feedback either in
  • granting the student any re-attempts of the submission
  • notifying students and families about the student submission
  • viewing the grade received
  • accessing this all by computer, tablet, or mobile device.

In addition to viewing details about student work, Canvas is a post-office delivery service for school communication. As you register your child/ren under a single Canvas Observer account that you sign up for (more information on Observer accounts click here) you can decide how often and in what format you want to receive updates or Notifications. Do you prefer them

  • in email format?
  • in text message format?
  • in tweet format posted to your Twitter account?
  • using the Canvas Mobile Device App and its push notifications?
  • right-away?
  • weekly?
  • in a daily summary for you to scan through at night?
  • or on your computer by logging into Canvas to check the Canvas Dashboard for updates?

Canvas will not replace the Connect calls or district website communication systems. These services will continue to send you important district-wide information on demand. You will still receive Connect call updates pending your annual InfoSnap account updates, and you can access our website as before; however, the Canvas Observer account grants you access to any of your child's work submitted to Canvas, teacher feedback on that student work, class information, all while aggregating communication from each of your child's teachers using Canvas in their classes delivered to you on your schedule.

As more QCSD staff use Canvas for their communication, Canvas collects all of their activity and sends all of their updates to YOU so you don't have to search around for homework updates from different websites or blogs. Even though the teachers post their information in Canvas when it's convenient for them, Canvas routes this to you when and how you want it when and how it's convenient for you.

Say goodbye to emails or texts from your child's teacher(s) that you accidentally deleted. If you accidentally delete or misplace a Canvas Notification your child's teacher posted about an upcoming field trip announcement, for example, simply login to your Canvas Observer account and check that teacher's Announcement board for the message s/he posted there originally.

No need to sign up for additional texting services. With Canvas, you decide if you want communication in text or email format. Observers can add additional emails to the same account for another family member to receive Notification updates in email or text format.

How do I log in to Canvas?

QCSD Student Login Information

Login at
un = Network Login
pw = Network ID

Observer Account Login Information
(Referred to as Parent Accounts in Canvas)

Login at
un = The Email You Use to Create the Account
pw = The Password You Use to Create Account.

These logins are created and customized by family members using student login information. Click here for directions.

QCSD Staff Login Information

Login at
un = Your Current QCSD Network Username*
pw = Your Current QCSD Network Password

* Do not use "" with your username.

Recommended Web Browsers

So far we have found that Canvas works best with Chrome and the Firefox web browsers on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Consider using the Canvas app for your mobile devices. We suggest using either of these browsers for accessing Canvas on your computer.

Where do I log in to Canvas?

Canvas login web link:

All users (student accounts, family observer accounts, teacher accounts, staff accounts, etc) will use this link to log in to Canvas. On the login page use the Login and Password fields (yellow bow seen below) to login to Canvas.

* Before family Observer accounts can log in an Observer account must be created.
See the Canvas Observer Account Registration section below for these directions.

Where do I login to Canvas?

Are you logging into Canvas using the mobile app? Terrific!

Any Canvas user can use the Canvas Mobile App. Standard data rates apply when using this free-to-download app; as you are able use the app with Wifi to avoid cell data overages. Students can use the QCSDGuest network on campus with their mobile devices.

Here's the one extra step you need to use the mobile app.
1. Type and select "QCSD" as your school or institution from the mobile app menu (purple box seen below).

That's it! You'll see screens similar to those below.
Notice the server listed confirming you're in the right spot (yellow box seen below).


Use the links below to learn more about downloading the Canvas Mobile app to a mobile device.

For All Canvas Users

Your email address is one of the main ways Canvas will send you your updates, or Notifications. Students who use their school email address with their teacher should enter their QCSD email address in their Canvas account. Staff accounts and Observer accounts should double-check their email address for accuracy.

Additional Canvas Feature

Phone: 215-529-2000


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