Message from new Board President, Glenn Iosue

Students are our future! My passion is for students to have a great experience at QCSD and to be prepared for whatever they decide to pursue. When I was in pre-school, I fondly remember my mother gifting me a music box. The music box had four students sitting at desks with a teacher instructing the class. The music box played “School Days, School Days”. I kept this music box until graduating from college. As a toddler, I would take apart items to figure them out. On occasion, my mother would ask my father if he was working on the faucet again. I eventually became a Professional Engineer and a Board Certified Engineer. I enjoy solving problems while helping others. I am committed to helping our students and continuing to improve our schools. We are preparing students with the knowledge and skills to pursue their dreams. I am amazed at the diversity of our educational curriculum and wealth of activities for College-readiness and Career-readiness.

With the rising cost of colleges, there is an increased interest by our students for Career-readiness. Our students are becoming gainfully employed with certifications in-hand upon graduating high school. My focus is ensuring that deliberations and decisions reflect the best interests of our students. I am blessed to work alongside my fellow Board members in advancing matters to help our students achieve greatness. The Board is comprised of dedicated and passionate professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience. We collectively make major decisions that affect our students. I am grateful to the wonderful parents, teachers, support staff, principals, and administrators. This is the core that helps students excel and achieve their aspirations.

Appointments by President

During a Board reorganization meeting, it is not uncommon that roles and assignments are changed. Changes are necessary at times as part of the reorganization process. Upper Bucks County Technical School Joint Operating Committee (aka, “Tech School”): I made an informed decision on the Appointment of the vacant seat at the Tech School after careful consideration. I read our Policy and the Articles of Agreement. During the Board reorganization meeting, I confirmed the Appointment by President from our Solicitor. [Note: The three-year term expired for Chris Spear on the Tech School (Year 3 of 3, ending in 2022). Mr. Spear was a member of the Tech School in 2020, 2021, and 2022.]

[Update: Following a special meeting on Dec. 14, the seats remain the same for 2023.]

I replaced the vacant seat with the Vice President of the Board Jon Kern. Mr. Kern has exhibited outstanding wisdom and tremendous commitment in representing our schools. We faced significant challenges during the pandemic, and Mr. Kern, as President last year, guided us out of the storm. Our community pulled together and prevailed. The other Appointments to the Tech School are returning members. Last year Diane Richino, Chuck Shermer and Mike Post were appointed to the Tech School (Year 1, 2022). They are continuing their 2nd Year in 2023. I am confident that Mr. Shermer, Mrs. Richino, Mr. Post and Mr. Kern will make great contributions to the Tech School.

Appointments to other Committees in 2023

Chuck Shermer was appointed to Chair the Facilities Committee. Mr. Shermer has experience in managing large $500M capital procurement budgets for corporations. He is also a veteran of the QCSD School Board with an in-depth understanding and history of projects and plans from prior Facilities Committee meetings. Mr. Hippauf and Mr. Spear remain to support this committee.

Todd Hippauf was appointed to Chair the Finance Committee and was on this committee in 2022. Mr. Hippauf is currently a Chief Financial Officer. He was previously a Regional Controller in charge of $1B in revenue with 8 manufacturing plants. Mr. Shermer and Mr. Spear remain to support this committee.

Jon Kern was appointed to Chair the Education Committee. Mr. Kern has continuously served on this committee since being elected in 2015. Mr. Kern is a great collaborator as a member of this committee. With increased responsibilities as President, I appointed Mr. Kern to Chair. I will continue to support this committee as a member along with Mr. Reimers.

Diane Richino was appointed to Chair the Human Resource Committee after serving on this committee this past year. Mrs. Richino has over 20 years of experience in Human Resources. Also, Mrs. Richino is a past volunteer on QCSD parent committees. Mr. Jackson and Mr. Post remain to support this committee. Todd Hippauf was appointed as an alternate member to the Human Resource Committee.

Mike Post was appointed to Chair the Policy Committee after serving on this committee this past year. Mr. Post has a MBA in Management with a focus on managing public agencies. Also, Mr. Post has 30 years of experience with school safety. Mr. Jackson and Mr. Reimers remain to support this committee. Ron Jackson was appointed to the Bucks County Intermediate Unit (Bucks IU) and the Pennsylvania State Board Association (PSBA) Representative and Legislative Chair in 2022 and again in 2023. Mr. Jackson is Vice President on the Board of Directors for the Bucks IU. These are important positions that Mr. Jackson will continue to serve.

Recent Discussions on Strayer Middle School and Quakertown Elementary School

Whether renovated or repurposed, I am a proponent of keeping the Quakertown Elementary building as part of our school campus. The new Strayer Middle School (opened in 2005 on Ronald Reagan Drive) was initially constructed for the 6th, 7th and 8th Graders. The former Strayer Middle School (9th Street) was kept in our building inventory. This building on 9th Street was used by 9th Graders (as the “Freshman Center” in 2005) and is currently used by 6th Graders.QCSD has greatly improved our school buildings to help our students with exception of Quakertown Elementary. The students in Quakertown Elementary deserve better facilities (including air conditioning). Students cannot reside in this building during renovation or construction. It is not the building that provides a superb learning environment for students at Quakertown Elementary. Rather, it is the parents, teachers, staff and students themselves that provide this fantastic and enriching learning environment to help each child reach their full potential.

The Quakertown Elementary building (first constructed in 1928 as the original Quakertown High School) is across the street from the newly renovated Quakertown High School. Quakertown Elementary and the High School off Park Avenue are within walking distance of the former Strayer Middle School on 9th Street. In conclusion, these buildings are part of our school campus.

Comments are Welcome and Appreciated

The collective input is important when making important decisions for our students. I would love to hear more from the students about their experiences and their ideas. When major issues have been brought up that affect our students, my fellow Board members and I listen to our community. I, as well as other Board members, have personally toured our schools to review matters at hand. We listen to feedback, suggestions, and ideas from administrators, principals, teachers, support staff as well as other members of our community. Most importantly, we ask students, parents and families about their experiences at our schools. With Superintendent Dr. Harner announcing his retirement, the Board has a major decision in interviewing and selecting the next Superintendent. Our community’s input during this process is instrumental.

To Superintendents looking for a great School District

Our school district is a hidden gem in Bucks County. I have traveled throughout the United States, and there is no place with such great qualities. We are a leading K-12 educational institution in academics and career-focused education. QCSD is fortunate to have highly qualified and exemplary educators. We are uniquely positioned in a prosperous area in one of the wealthiest counties in Pennsylvania. We have great schools and a wonderful community. Our area has direct access to major cities, great sports teams, and is a short drive away to the Pocono mountains and the shores and beaches. Our region is a beautiful place. We have an abundance of historic and scenic sites.

Happy Holidays!

Glenn Nicholas Iosue, P.E., BCEE
Board President
Quakertown Community School District
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