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Atlas Rubicon is a curriculum mapping and management tool that the Quakertown Community School District utilizes to: 
  • Organize and plan what is happening in district courses at specific points during the school year. 
  • Describe what students will experience during the year in specific content areas. 
  • Provide broad guidelines of what will be learned in each course and allow educators to see curriculum and pacing beyond the day-to-day. 
  • Consistently ensure that learning experiences are aligned to standards. In this way, we can see how units are addressing National and State standards horizontally (over the course of the year) and vertically (over the course of 13 years). 
  • Well-written and well-organized curricula allow students to acquire content, skills, competencies, and dispositions regardless of school or teacher and provide all students with equal access to high academic standards and expectations.
Teachers can log in to Atlas Rubicon here.

Parents and community members can access the Public site by clicking here.

There are several ways to view curriculum on the QCSD Atlas Public Site

Searching a Keyword

1. Click Search icon in upper left hand corner, then select Curriculum from the drop down menu
2. Enter a Keyword in the field and click Search
3. You can now see any map K-12 in which that keyword appears.
3. Any blue hyperlinks in the search results take you to different parts of the curriculum maps presented to you. 
4. You can select different views such as pie charts, bar charts, etc to view how often the keyword shows and where it shows K-12.

searching by keyword

Searching by Grade and Subjects

1. Click the Search icon and then select Curriculum from the drop down menu.
2. In the Filter Results area, change or select the grades and/ or subjects you wish to "filter" to and view.
3. Once you click Search, your results will be present and you can begin to click on the blue hyperlinks to search the curriculum.

Searching by curriculum

Browsing Unit Calendars and Curriculum Maps

1. Click the Browse button at the top of the screen.
2. Select Unit Calendar (shows the entire semester / year for the course pacing); Curriculum Map (shows the entire curriculum for the year and/or semester), or Course Description (a brief overview of the curriculum). 
3. You can filter and sort based on grade levels and subjects.

Browsing Unit Calendars

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